Private Life Coaching

My signature 1:1 coaching takes place over a 12 month period.  We start with a 90 minute intensive session to get you really clear on what direction you are going in and map out your quarterly plan.  Thereafter you will have 2, 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me monthly and week day access to me through a voice app for additional support for the first 3 weeks of every month.


This program is for women who are really serious about taking control of the direction they are going in life and are ready to fully level up and be held accountable.  You will move fast in your business and together we will break through the barriers you face. 

Young Woman
Sunset Walk

Take Off! (One Foot Forward)

Are you ready to fulfil your passion and purpose in life?  Are you ready to build the momentum in your business to create the freedom you desire? Do you want to create a clear plan of how to step into your passion and purpose in a way that works for you and your life? YES YES YES.  Excellent then Take OFF is for you.


Over the course of 9 months you will join other amazing women who are all creating their passion filled life by following through on doing what truly lights them up in life.  You will have access to an online program that will guide you through each step needed to get you:


  • Clarity on what you are committed to creating

  • Your roadmap to build momentum in your business so you can Take OFF

  • Breakthrough any blockers that will prevent you from achieving your goals

  • A strong sense of identity and self worth

  • Clear and healthy boundaries

  • Unleash your inner riches so you feel secure in accepting your worth

What you will receive access to…….


  • Lifetime access to online modules

  • 2 Group Calls a month 

  • Group Monthly Q&A calls (second week of every month)

  • A private community of women just like you who are on their journey to turn their dreams into a reality.

  • Bonus training sessions that will take place either with Johanne or guest speakers to help you cement the transformation you are looking for.




With Me

"Johanne is a brilliant coach! She helped me transform limiting beliefs around money and asked thoughtful questions to challenge my views. Just after one session, I was excited to earn money rather than feel like making money is a burden. She created a very safe environment during the session, and I could not thank her enough. I highly recommend Johanne to anyone !!! XXX"

Sandra Marciniak, Coach