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Life Coach Ireland

Business Success Coach for Women who want to build their online business.


Create momentum in your business to generate consistent clients and revenue.  It's time for your business to Take Off!


Hi, I'm Johanne.


A Mum, a Dog Mum and a Business Success Coach. I support female entrepreneurs to successfully build their online business.

What will I learn by working with you?

  • Clarity and passion on your direction

  • Your roadmap to build momentum in your business and Take OFF.

  • Build your business presence through building your audience of ideal clients quickly.

  • Create offers that your clients want and will find it hard to refuse.

  • Launch strategy for your offer

  • Mindset shifts to support you achieving your goals.

  • A strong sense of identity and self-worth

  • Unleash your inner riches so you feel secure in accepting your worth

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