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Success Solutions for MLM Mums

Christmas is around the corner and is the perfect time for sales to increase.  However up until now your business has been hit and miss but you really want to make the most of this opportunity.  

Do any of these relate to you?

  • You feel that your confidence is holding you back from taking the action you know you need to.

  • You afraid to go live and sell your products.

  • You are not sure who your target audience is or how to reach them

  • You are posting your products often enough but no one is biting.

  • You find you are wishing and hoping for sales but they are not appearing.

  • You feel you are chasing people to join your team rather than them willingly coming to you

Have you answered yes to most of these?  Is it like I read your mind?

Selling is one of the most scariest things for any person who does not have previous experience in it or has not been trained in the art of selling.  However, did you know that you do not need to be a trained expert in selling to make sales, you just need to be you!

This 4 week program removes the scariness from selling and provides the solutions for success.  It is an action focused 4 week program to elevate your business.  

What's involved in the program?

Week 1 - Target Audience and Self Image

You will become clear on who your audience is and where to find them.  You will also adopt a bullet proof self image of the successful network marketer you know you are.

Week 2 - 3 S's for Success in MLM

Sales, Solutions and Sponsor

You will look at what you know you should do versus what you actually do in terms of success in your business and how to overcome it.

Week 3 - Habits for Success

Remove the shoulda wudda cudda's and put clear, consistent and productive habits in place to drive your business forward.

Week 4 - Master your Mind for Fears

Learn how to identify fear when it appears and keep moving forward in your business.

Each week will consist of:

  • Weekly zoom calls to learn about the topic and the action steps to take.

  • Worksheets to identify the actions steps specific to you.

  • Accountability for your actions.

  • Sharing your wins for the week.

If you are committed to taking the necessary action steps to see success in your business this Christmas then don't miss out on this once of program.  


What the investment for Solutions to Success?

This program is normally €997 however for this limited time only you will pay €650.  That's a whopping €347 off this not to be missed 4 week program.  

Start Date is 2nd November 2020

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