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Qualities of a Winner

Out of the millions of people in the world, comes one big winner and out of billions, comes a winner who overtakes them all. Look at the history of the world, and you will always find a few individuals during certain periods who were winners of that time. Lincoln, Gandhi, Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, the Wright Brothers, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper and Aretha Franklin were all winners of their time. What makes a winner? What does a winner possess that the masses don't? You can see standout successful people in all areas of life. We all have someone in mind that we are in awe of. Even in a small classroom, one student outclasses every other. In a dance performance, one troupe member performs much better than others and the same is true in movies. We always find one actor who lived and breathe the character because we were completely enthralled by it, while others only acted.

Overcoming Obstacles Winners come across the same hurdles as everyone else in life. The only difference is, winners see them as challenges that can be overcome. They don't allow the appearance of a hurdle to alter their outcome. The course of action may change but the ultimate outcome remains the same. Every new obstacle makes them sharper and better as they learn lessons from each one presented. Focus The winners have focus. Rather than giving away their energy to small ideas, they focus on the overall goal and work towards that. A wining minds focus never falters from their destination. Their eye is always kept firmly on the prize. Outside influences such as the economy or neigh sayer's don't impact their thoughts or their decisions. Intentional work Winners are not afraid of working however they understand that work should not be hard. The word carried out is done intentionally and is always inspired. The objective of working towards the goal gives a winning mind so much energy that the tiredness finds no place in their scheme of things. When you feel inspired you will want to keep going towards the winning post. These are some of the qualities that define a winner. A person who wins in life has the same time, mind and abilities as others the difference is they know what they need to do and take action. There is no reason why you can't become a winner in your field. Do you agree?

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