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Welcome.  I’m thrilled you clicked onto my page. 

I am a Business Success Coach for Women who want to build a thriving business online.   

For over 17 years I worked in HR and for the last 7 of those years in Senior Roles, however something was always missing.  I am ambitious and love working, however as hard as I tried, I never truly felt successful.  To the outside world I looked successful but inside I was unhappy with how my life was going and had serious imposter syndrome.   Being a single Mum as well meant I constantly felt guilty about all the time I was away from my daughter but couldn’t see how else it could be done.  Little did I know that I was approaching success in all the wrong ways. The little secret……. I never stopped to think about what I wanted or how I wanted it.

Fulfilling your purpose should not feel like work and honestly, making money is meant to be easy.  We are just taught differently growing up.

My life has changed an awful lot since I stepped into my passion. I take 4 months off throughout the course of the year and make more money than I did in the corporate world doing work I really enjoy.


I have now made it my life's mission to empower other high achieving women, just like you, to bring your passion forward, gain momentum in your business and create the freedom you are craving in your life.  We all have perceived barriers in life that can stop us going after what we want.  The question is are you ready to let them down.

You will find lots of goodies on this site that will help you on your journey.

If you are committed to taking action now and building momentum in your business, then book a call with me today.


Johanne xx

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