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Step Into Your Success

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All business owners must be clear on their goals and align their actions in order to achieve the desired outcome.  If you are looking to get clearer on the direction you are going or would like to discover what has stopped you from achieving your outcomes up to now, then this is the program for you.

This 4 part mini program takes a look at what your goals are and how you are positioning yourself to achieve them.  

Covered in the program:

Session 1 - Deep dive on your desires to get clear on the goals you are setting.

Session 2 - Discover why your goals have not yet been achieved.

Session 3 - Review the approach you take and identify the difference between knowing and doing.

Session 4 - Create successful habits and step into success

Included with the program:


  • Online modules for each Session

  • Daily and weekly work to bring your goals into reality

  • Access to a 1 hour Q&A call during the program

Book a call with me today to find out if this program will work for you.


"Johanne is a brilliant coach! She helped me transform limiting beliefs around money and asked thoughtful questions to challenge my views. Just after one session, I was excited to earn money rather than feel like making money is a burden. She created a very safe environment during the session, and I could not thank her enough. I highly recommend Johanne to anyone !!! XXX"

Sandra Marciniak, Coach

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